Jason Brown is a cultural tinker, ambient performer, recovering poet, olde timey net.artist, and grey-hat historian who’s spent the last two decades lecturing internationally about the paranoid nature of our memory technologies.

He has made books, websites, and radio shows. He has built laboratories, lounges, and art venues. He has organized literary battles, lightbulb cooking contests, and pirate karaoke parties. He has played drones for haircuts, theremin in gorilla gloves, and word games in a darth vader suit. He has written paranoid histories, conspiracy theories, and chatterbots. He has researched UFOs, Tron, and Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, a hellscape of ash and banality, a metastasizing agglomeration of darkness and pain, a fungal architecture engulfing the earth in erasures and hyperrealities — Jason Brown enjoys living in Los Angeles.