Curriculum Vitae

  • Instructional Technologist – Pomona College
  • Research Director – Superbunker
  • Janitor – Betalevel


MFA : Writing / Integrated Media
California Institute of the Arts : 2000
BA : Religious Studies / Digital Art
University of California Santa Barbara : 1998


Errata Salon: Texas
Betalevel, Los Angeles. Los Angeles. 13 October 2016
Errata Salon: Forgetting
Betalevel, Los Angeles. 24 September 2015
LA Atlas: Beach Invasions
Annenburg House, Santa Monica. 15 September 2015
Errata Salon: Automatons
Betalevel, Los Angeles. 04 June 2015
Errata Salon: Science
Betalevel, Los Angeles. 25 September 2014
Errata Salon: Science
Betalevel, Los Angeles. 25 September 2014
Errata Salon: Slowness
Betalevel, Los Angeles. 24 April 2014
Errata Salon: Roads
Betalevel, Los Angeles. 01 January 2014
Errata Salon: Bullshit
Betalevel, Los Angeles. 11 July 2013
Errata Salon: Subterrenean
Betalevel, Los Angeles. 10 January 2013
Paranoid Machines: TigrisNet
Satellite Space, Santa Monica. 18 November 2012.
Southern Machine Exposure Project
Cybernetics! (Oh silver-ravey blinken-goggly boo-boo child of the quaintly 90s cybery-cyber Cyber!!) and musical collaboration with Wobbly
Southern Exposure. San Francisco. 03 June 2012
&Now 2012: New Writing in Paris: Exchanges and Cross Fertilizations
Infomorphs and Authorship. (Architectures of Absence)
Université de la Sorbonne, Paris. 06 June 2012
Battle of Los Angeles: 70th Anniversary Commemoration
Machine Project, Los Angeles. 24 February 2012.
Paranoid Machines: Pacific Standard Time
The Pacific Standard TimePerformance and Public Art Festival Episode Of Paranoid Machines (Los Angeles 1946-1981), Broadcasting From Machine Project
Machine Project. 21 January 2012.–1981-by-jason-brown/
Paranoia, Mania and Melancholy: Triway Hyperlecture Cage Match
Berkeley Art Museum. 06 May 2011.
Paranoid Machines: LA Noir/MOCA edition
Machine Project, Los Angeles. 08 January 2011.
Arse Elektronika sex and technology
Endosymbiotic Cha-Cha
San Francisco. 02 October 2010.
When Ghost Ships Sailed the Skies!: a shipwreck lecture
Machine Project, Los Angeles. 09 September 2010.
On the Operatic Origins of the American Space Program: a Basement Wagner lecture
Machine Project, Los Angeles. 12 June 2010.
Paranoid Machines: SIGINT
Cologne, Germany. 22May 2009.
Elves: a magic forest lecture
Machine Project, Los Angeles. 18 April 2009.
Paranoid Machines: MIT
MIT. Cambridge. 07 April 2009.
Paranoid Machines: Cabinet
Cabinet. Brooklyn. 04 April 2009.
Arse Elektronika sex and technology
The Mind Diddlers
San Francisco. 28 September 2008.
Paranoid Machines: paraflows
Metalab. Vienna, Austria. 19 September 2007.
Space Paranoids: Machine Project
Machine Project, Los Angeles. 07 July 2007.
Farmlab Projects: Space Paranoids
Pasadena Armory. 16 June 2007
Symptomology and Mnemotechnics
Machine Project, Los Angeles. 06 December 2006.
narr@tive digital storytelling conference
NTNTNT: constructing a fragmented history of art, activism and technology.
UCLA Hammer Museum. 22 April 2004
Saturday School at NYU
Space Paranoids – performative examination of technology and paranoia
New York University. 18 February 2003
Infoporn, Memes, and Contagion – performative tracing of contamination and perversion
c-level, Los Angeles. 01 November 2002
Genius Loci symposium
Discussion roundtable on issues of geography and technology in Los Angeles.
Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles. 17 March 2002
Liberal Education of Artists national conference
CalArts Northeast – presentation of the 2000 LEA cultural policy research residency in New York City.
White Oak Plantation in Yulee, Florida. 26-29 October 2000
Unnatural Acts conference
Space Paranoids – performative examination of technology and paranoia
UC Riverside
23-24 April 1999
Undergraduate Research Colloquium
The Myth of Virtuality – performative examination of contemporary gnostic mythologies
UC Santa Barbara. 1996
Undergraduate Research Colloquium
Scratched Silver: The Returned Gaze in Orientalist Painting – slide lecture
UC Santa Barbara. 1994


Fortifications and Catacombs of the Conquests of LA
LAttitudes: An Angeleno’s Atlas. Heyday, 2015
The Invisible Playground: Phone Phreaking and the Criminalization of Curiosity.
Review of Phil Lapsley’s Exploding the Phone. Los Angeles Review of Books, 2013.
Talking to Machines
interview with Brody Condon. Kaleidoscope Magazine. September 2012.
Fungal Cocktail Recipes
FungiFest. Machine Project. 2010.
FungiFest: Introduction
FungiFest. Machine Project. 2010.
New Machines
Machine Project: A Field Guide to LACMA. LACMA/Machine Project. 2009.
The Ones that Got Away (sestina)
Machine Project: A Field Guide to LACMA. LACMA/Machine Project. 2009.
I Only Know These Things
Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep? RE:Search/Monochrom. 2008.
The Mind Diddlers
Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep? RE:Search/Monochrom. 2008.
Valencia Starbucks 2003.03.19 / 1320-1340
Chronometry. 2008.
Machine Project Guide to Cultural History and the Natural Sciences: Introduction
with Mark Allen. Pomona College Museum of Art. 2006.
Trepan 5: Monstrous
Trepan 5: Monstrous: Introduction
with Mathew Timmons. Superbunker, 2006.
NTNTNT – editor and illustrator
A book of net.artifacts. 396 pages, 54 illustrations.
Published by the CalArts School of Art. 2004
“Joker Runs Wild” – design, illustration and code
A web installation with Mady Schutzman
American Communications Journal v.6:3, Spring 2003
CalArts MFA Writing Showcase – publication design
A book documenting the graduating thesis reading of the CalArts Writing Program.
“Paranoid Machines: Conspiracy Games and Desire Control in Tron – author
An essay for the Game-Art issue of the journal Switch which examines gnostic systems of control in game architectures and hypercapitalist mythology.
July 1999
current Switch: original v.12:
Trepan v.3 – editorial board member
Literary arts journal of the CalArts Writing Program.
Trepan v.2 – editorial board member
Volume 2 of Trepan on the theme of “resistance.”
CalArts Writing – site designer and webmaster
The website for the CalArts MFA Writing Program.
1999 – present
BlebNet – founder and co-founder
A website investigating systems of infomatic contagion.
1999 – present
Microcosms– site designer, illustrator
Online version of an art exhibit which examined the University as a “curiosity cabinet.” 1998.
Terminals 2 – site designer
An expansion of the first Terminals project into a website, CD-ROM, and book which included the final diaries of Kathy Acker, Bob Flanagan and Christine Tamblyn. 1998
Thresholds: viewing culture v.11 – editorial board member
“Panic and Paranoia” issue. 1998
“Food Folks and Fire: interview with Kal Spelletech of SEEMEN” – author
Thresholds: viewing culture, v.11
“Fun No More: Appropriation for Profit” – co-author
Co-authored as/with “Wobbly”.
Thresholds: viewing culture v.10
_SPEED_ v.1:3 – design and production
“Airports and Malls” issue.
“Cultural Prosthetics: the Mutational Aesthetic of the Late Organic” – co-author
Co-authored with Gabriel Watson.
_SPEED_ v.1:3

Performances / Exibits

Corpse Bludgeon
Game performance fest. Betalevel. 08 December 2012.
Paranormal Olympics
Game performance fest. Betalevel. 29 October 2011.
One Box, Two Box, Red Box, Blue Box.
Historical overview and sound performance. Errata Salon. 11 July 2011.
Game performance fest. Betalevel. 26 November 2010.
5th of St. Robot
Game performance fest. Betalevel. 15 May 2010.
Darkness… of Spring!
Live music in total darkness. Betalevel. 27 March 2010.
Darkness… of the Dead!
Live music in total darkness. Betalevel. 01 November 2008.
Duration for the Dark
Live music in total darkness. Betalevel. 22 March 2008.
Thought Bunker
Game performance fest. Betalevel. 09 June 2007.
Ambient Haircut
Performance fest. Betalevel. 18 February 2007.
Thought Bunker
Game performance fest. Betalevel. 02 December 2006.
Ambient Haircut
Performance fest. Betalevel. 06 August 2006.
Zombie vs. Vampire
Game performance fest. Betalevel. 13 May 2005.
page_space – installation and digital collaboration
A physical show and collection of digital work investigating substrates of inscription, co-curated with Braxton Soderman.
Machine Project, Los Angeles. 28 Feb 28 – 14 Mar 2004
LAMOO – software/installation
A textual Los Angeles with an adventure game interface, co-produced with Eddo Stern.
Genius Loci, SCI-Arc. Feb-Mar, 2002
Polyjewel – installation
Multinodular audiovisual installation using obsolete information technology.
CEAIT Festival, CalArts. 2001
Orange – video
Video investigating the aesthetics of Empire in decay.
New Video Works, Side Street Projects. 2000
Santa Barbara Noise Festival
Festival organizer.
Santa Barbara. 1998
Symptoms of Death – live weekly radio performance
KCSB FM, Santa Barbara. 1993 – 1998
Genomes, Hearts and Flowers – installation and performance
Cafe Sienna, Santa Barbara. 1997
The End Times – film and performance
Silent film with live sound accompaniment.
Reel Loud silent film festival, UC Santa Barbara. 1996
Prosthesis – performative installation
Collaborative wide-area audiovisual event.
E.A.T. Lab, UC Santa Barbara. 1996


Terminals – site designer
A conference and a series of art exhibits investigating death and technology.
Literary arts journal of the CalArts Writing Program.
Editorial board member: 1998 – 2001


Thresholds: viewing culture v.10 – “Copyright, Fair Use and Appropriation”


Thresholds: viewing culture
Journal of art and cultural theory, based at UC Santa Barbara.
Editorial board member: 1995 – 1998
An online journal investigating art, technology and networked culture.
Contributing editor and designer: 1995 – 1998


Instructional Technologist, Pomona College:   2005 – current
Janitor, Betalevel:   2005 – current
Betalevel is located in a basement in Chinatown Los Angeles and plays host to various media events such as screenings, performances, classes, lectures, debates, dances, readings and tournaments.
Assistant Director, Machine Project:   2005 – 2012
Machine Project is an educational non-profit, existing to encourage heroic experiments of the gracefully over-ambitious.
Technical Coordinator, CalArts Critical Studies:   2001 – 2005
Responsible for maintaining technical resources for the School of Critical Studies, and direct responsibility for all facilities and equipment of the CalArts Writing Program. Duties include: annual budgeting and researching a wide array of software, hardware and audiovisual equipment; assisting graduate students and faculty in audio, video, and imaging software and hardware; design of Critical Studies promotional material, including the MFA website, print advertising, and event posters. Major accomplishments include: design, construction oversight and operational management of the Cube exhibition and studio space; connecting the MFA Writing Program to Los Angeles based cultural resources such as c-level/betalevel, machine project and superbunker; and focusing the Writing Lab towards the integration of media technology into the everyday practice of experimental writers.
Graphic Designer, NATPE:   2001-2002
Produced ad campaigns, corporate identity and marketing materials for a non-profit television member services organization.
Founding Member, c-level:   2000 – 2005
Part studio, part club, part stage and part screen, c-level created a wide array of projects and hosted countless fabuolous events in it’s Chinatown basement headquarters (re-organized as Betalevel in 2005)
MFA Writing Lab Director, CalArts:   1998 – 2005
Responsible for maintaining, upgrading, and facilitating the use of the Critical Studies graduate student computer lab. Duties include assisting students, managing lab assistants, researching and budgeting hardware and software, and consulting on school-wide technology acquisitions.
Research Residency, Liberal Education of Artists :   2000
A three week residency in New York City which examined cultural policy and the interactions of cultural institutions and individual artists with their communities. Research focused on more than thirty interviews with artists, poets, teachers, museum and gallery directors and academics. Major projects included a visit to high school students imprisoned at Riker’s Island and a writing workshop with recently released teenagers.
Freelance Web Designer:   1996 – 2001
Focus on large-scale arts projects, with sole responsibility for visual design, site architecture, back-end code and server maintenance.
Electronic Arts Technology Lab Assistant, UC Santa Barbara:   1995 – 1997
Responsible for maintaining a studio art computing facility and assisting the lab users
Production Director, KCSB FM:   1995 – 1996
Responsible for helping maintain UC Santa Barbara’s FM radio station, and for training station personnel in the use of audio production equipment.