How Well Do You Know LA?

Panel discussion about LAtitudes moderated by Hector Tobar at the CSUN Center for Southern California Studies.

Beach Invasions

Slide lecture and discussion with LAtitudes contributors for the Beach=Culture series at the Annenburg Community Beach House.

LARB: Invisible Playground

The Invisible Playground: Phone Phreaking and the Criminalization of Curiosity Review of Phil Lapsley’s Exploding the Phone, in the LA…

Corpse Bludgeon

Corpse Bludgeon is a Game. You bludgeon corpses. There are points. Visual and auditory effects will enhance your Bludgeoning Experience.…

&Now 2012, Paris

&Now 2012: New Writing in Paris: Exchanges and Cross Fertilizations Architectures of Absence: Infomorphs and Authorship. Université de la Sorbonne,…

Triway Hyperlecture

Paranoia, Mania and Melancholy: Triway Hyperlecture Cage Match Berkeley Art Museum. May 6, 2011.

Obscura Day: Paranoid Bike Ride

Jason Brown and Sean Deyoe ride in and around downtown Los Angeles exploring sites related to lizard tunnels, alien contactees,…