Errata Salon: Forgetting


Book of Ether

“Ether” could refer to the first modern surgical anesthetic, the realm of the gods, a hypothetical medium to explain how light propagates as a wave, a notable rap battle, or a prophet-historian credited with a key section of the Book of Mormon.

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Errata Salon: Lies and Other Bullshit


Jason Brown talks about the Pioneer Memorial in the exposed caverns of Fort Moore Hill and how it’s a bullshit copy of the REAL pioneer memorial, which is Tom Sawyers Island, built at the same time in the mid-50s.

Other topics may include the historical sailing ship Columbia, the real tunnels of the lizard people, and the actual battle of Los Angeles.

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Corpse Bludgeon

corpse bludgeon is a game

Corpse Bludgeon is a Game.

You bludgeon corpses. There are points.

Visual and auditory effects will enhance your Bludgeoning Experience. Can you be the Best? We’ll let YOU be the judge of that!

Oh, but Corpse Bludgeon is so much more than a game. Oh yes. Corpse Bludgeon is a Method. It is a Technology. It is a System. It is a Path.

2012.dec.08 at Betalevel

&Now 2012, Paris

andnow 2012 - paris

&Now 2012: New Writing in Paris: Exchanges and Cross Fertilizations
Architectures of Absence: Infomorphs and Authorship.
Université de la Sorbonne, Paris. June 6, 2012

Triway Hyperlecture


Paranoia, Mania and Melancholy: Triway Hyperlecture Cage Match
Berkeley Art Museum. May 6, 2011.