Errata Salon: Forgetting


Book of Ether

“Ether” could refer to the first modern surgical anesthetic, the realm of the gods, a hypothetical medium to explain how light propagates as a wave, a notable rap battle, or a prophet-historian credited with a key section of the Book of Mormon.

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Errata Salon: Lies and Other Bullshit


Jason Brown talks about the Pioneer Memorial in the exposed caverns of Fort Moore Hill and how it’s a bullshit copy of the REAL pioneer memorial, which is Tom Sawyers Island, built at the same time in the mid-50s.

Other topics may include the historical sailing ship Columbia, the real tunnels of the lizard people, and the actual battle of Los Angeles.

Betalevel event page: Errata Salon 8


rare live zotalayer performance, and 2nd chair horn accompaniment