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  • Errata Salon: Forgetting

    Book of Ether “Ether” could refer to the first modern surgical anesthetic, the realm of the gods, a hypothetical medium to explain how light propagates as a wave, a notable rap battle, or a prophet-historian credited with a key section of the Book of Mormon. Betalevel event page: Errata Salon 26

  • Errata Salon: Automatons

    “Would You Put Your Brain in a Robot Body?” Jason Brown tells the origin story of rBecky and outlines the impending submission of humanity to our new robot overlords who he, for one, welcomes. Betalevel event page: Errata Salon 25

  • Errata Salon: Science

    “You Have To Be Really Clever to Come Up With A Genuinely Dangerous Thought” Forbidden scientific concepts, from the dire human implications of the stink ant to Roko’s Basilisk. Betalevel event page: Errata Salon 20

  • Errata Salon: Slowness

    Zota Layer performance: an examination of layering and repetition in sound. Betalevel event page: Errata Salon 16

  • Errata Salon: Roads

    “CAN YOU HEAR THE DRUMS FERNANDO?” Jason Brown visits a re-enactment of the Battle of the Old Woman’s Gun and traces the route to Los Angeles. Betalevel event page: Errata Salon 13

  • Errata Salon: Lies and Other Bullshit

    Jason Brown talks about the Pioneer Memorial in the exposed caverns of Fort Moore Hill and how it’s a bullshit copy of the REAL pioneer memorial, which is Tom Sawyers Island, built at the same time in the mid-50s. Other topics may include the historical sailing ship Columbia, the real tunnels of the lizard people,…

  • Errata Salon: The Subterraneans

    LA’s Lizard Tunnels and other tales of the underground world 2013.jan.10 at Betalevel

  • Errata Salon: Natural History

    with AMBIENT FORCE 3000 Performing Gentle Musics, both Background and Foreground 2012.0ct.10 at Betalevel